Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Unless by "Lamest" They Meant "Coolest"

Despite what the writers of FOX's (sub-par) new sitcom "The Loop" might feel, Annie Lennox's "Walking on Broken Glass" is most definitely NOT the "lamest song ever." Just look at the songs in Annie's repertoire: "No More I Love Yous," "Why" -- do I even need to go on? The woman is a goddess. Anyone who can get John Malkovich to be in her music video is okay in my book. And no one can top Annie in karaoke. I've tried. Many times.

But on to "The Loop." The show is clearly trying to be "The Office"-esque, but at its best it just ended up of reminding me of "Undeclared," and at its worse, that old Fred Savage show "Working" that everyone said ripped off "Dilbert." The male lead is good enough, but the surrounding characters are one cliche after another. The love interest is weak and annoying, and of course she has a jerk boyfriend. And, I'm sorry, it might be hilarious to the writers that Mimi Rogers' VP character sexually harrasses the main character, but I find reverse sexual harrassment just as inappropriate and uncomfortable to watch as the traditional kind.

To the show's credit, though? Karaoke on a JumboTron is an awesome idea, and if my friends ever did that for me, well, the stadium groundskeepers would pretty much have to drag me off the field the next morning when the baseball players arrived for spring training.


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