Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I have nothing of import to say today. I have a low level of indifference to everything that keeps my body moving at a steady, buzzing clip.

I found out today that I'm getting a new boss. The fourth one this year. And I don't care. There's nothing I can do except hold on and hope for better somewhere along the line.

The moon is fading in and out of what looks like inky black clouds over the tall semi-lit buildings of Manhattan. I have a bra on today that I bought in high school. Sometimes it seems like everything is the same, and, even though I'm in New York, every scene will keep being similar, but not quite identical. Enough to fool me for a while.

But despite all of my disappointments, tonight I am thankful for the expensive 12x12 room in Manhattan I fought so hard to get. I know that somewhere there's a 22-year-old college graduate in the Midwest with internships and experience under her belt, dreaming of what I have.


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