Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Make the Main Character Really Interesting, Too"

What part of this Craigslist posting doesn't scream "write my novel for me"?

Ghostwriter needed for a fiction novel. A loose rough draft of 75 pages already constructed. The finished product should be 200-400 pages. There is plenty of room for the imagination and creativity. The main character is a young, strong willed, open minded and real woman, which should always be considered. However there are plenty of other characters who view the world differently as well.

Experience / Skills:
1. Must be a good writer who understands people, both men and women.
2. Must be open minded.
3. Must have writing samples.
4. No experience necessary, but must be able to take on the task.
5. Should be able to work independently.
6. Must be a responsible and professional individual.
7. Good grammar is very important.

(And you know she got several earnest responses to this.)


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