Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Breathing

Yes, I'm still alive. Totally and completely in love, but alive nonetheless. (If we consider that head-in-the-clouds state of being as "alive," that is.)

N and I are doing quite well, I want all of you to know. Our tropical vacation was nothing less than fairytale: beach, pool, king-size hotel bed, eating, drinking, and just...being. We took lots of pictures, and I uploaded almost all of them (even the embarrassingly narcissistic ones) on to Facebook.

Sometimes I think my best blog posts come out of my own foibles, but there haven't been any to speak of as of late. I should consider myself lucky. I've even become half of one of those hated couples who counsels their single friends about their failed relationships.

"It's hard!" I tell single Sunny. "It's definitely hard. But you should enjoy your singlehood. Meet men! Date around! Enjoy being by yourself while it lasts! Because it will come, probably sooner than you think."

Ummmm, easier said than done much? How many single people reading this are ready to throw a wine glass at their computer screen, thinking, "You try to enjoy being single! Easy for you to say, while you're cuddled up next to N on weekend nights." And that's true. That's absolutely true, and I respect that.

I think what I'm finally realizing about 10 months too late (that dates back to my breakup with the Boyf, for those who haven't been following) is that there's creativity in being alone. Good things crop up when you have hours to yourself, provided you don't fill those hours with booze or distraction, like yours truly has been known to do. I wish I would have enjoyed that self-imposed downtime a little bit more than I let myself. So I'm trying to disseminate this PSA to those single folks who are far stronger than I ever was: Enjoy, and be strong, because s/he (a.k.a. The One) is just around the corner.

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Blogger Kb said...

Good to see you are doing so well!

4:18 PM  
Blogger NewbietoNYC said...

Thank you! And cute pic, kb!

9:39 PM  

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