Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I have a health issue that upsets me sometimes. "Sometimes" isn't really the word. It's always there. A baseline heartbeat that gets louder once every week or two. It's loud tonight, and I feel myself sliding into tears, into "what ifs," and into anger. So instead of indulging that, I'm going to find something positive in my day today and then work on my freelance work for an hour.

Positive thing about today:

I found out that a Cadbury Creme Egg only has 175 calories, compared to your usual 250 or 270 calories of a chocolate candy bar. I'd been abstaining from Easter candy so as not to blow my every minute on the elliptical -- until now. Every Duane Reade in a mile radius seems to be sold out of the eggs, but mark my words: As soon as I find one of those f*ckers, I'm housing it in two bites.


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