Friday, April 21, 2006

The Problem with Twentysomethings

"Hey, Newbie! What's pissing you off this week?" you ask.

Well, I'm happy to report that the New York Times has pinpointed exactly what I hate about my age group, the rich, and New York City and wrapped it up in a cute little Styles-section article called The Bank of Mom and Dad.

Read it. I'll wait.

Done? Now, if you're not upset, you should be. The article shows us exactly why many/most twentysomething kids who live in New York City (my age group and demographic) are spoiled, self-centered, ignorant, and otherwise irresponsible people. They're living off their parents indefinitely. I have a radical concept: Recent college graduates should understand what their financial situation is and live within their means. Not their parents' means. I'm talking a budget. As in: Don't make enough to afford both rent and food in New York City? Then you're not living there. Try Jersey. Shack up with three roommates in Union City and commute. Don't like it? Awwww. Poor baby. Maybe you should work your way up in life until you can afford Manhattan.

I think what bothers me most is the parents who enable their children. I'm sure every parent wants to provide his/her child with the best life possible, but there's a fine line between giving your kid a twenty every now and then and subsidizing an upscale lifestyle that s/he has no business experiencing at 22.

Now. If you're like me and you hate rich kids and their sense of entitlement without the work ethic (or common sense) to back it up, check the TV listings and Tivo MTV's True Life: I'm Moving to New York. After watching it, you will want to scream at the rich girl (she's pictured if you click on the link) and embrace the best friends from Ohio. And if I see any of those actors on the street in this city, I plan to do just that.

End rant.


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