Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ah, Hipsters (Shaking head.)

A site for "urban parents" from, you say? Once again, gruppie scum have managed to put their filthy, trendy little paws all over something as banal and biological as parenthood. (See my previous post on grups -- scroll down one entry for it until I find the time to archive properly.) And thank goodness for this cool parenting website because Lord knows hipsters can't muster up the strength do anything unless it's chic. Underground chic, that is.

I can only imagine the kinds of topics that will be posted on this hipster parenting site:

How to Push Your $800 Bugaboo Stroller Without Looking Like You're (Gasp!) From the Upper East Side

Beyond "Holden": Bestowing an Adequately Pretentious Literary Name on Your Newborn

How Young is Too Young to Give Your Child an Ironic Mullet?

Child-Proofing Your Radio So That Your Toddler Can't Turn the Dial to Z100. Ever.

Preparing Your First-Grader for Her Very First Garage Band

Teaching Your Child to Mock Others 101

Teaching Your Child to Mock Others 210: Musical Tastes (five-page feature article)


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