Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sticking it to the Blog

I absolutely love this:

According to this article in Time Out New York, a Parsons student created the "My New York Times" print project -- which gives the daily goings-on of her life a stately, Times-ian look and feel -- for her senior thesis: "It's a commentary on they detail their personal lives like it's the most important news in the world."

I could be catty now and point fingers at bloggers who exemplify that, but, really, don't most bloggers?

That kinda reminds me of the awesome last quote of this San Francisco Chronicle story I read today about chick lit:

"But if readers seek out only what they can 'relate' to, isn't something lost?
Ermelino thinks so.
'Rather than looking in the mirror all the time, I think we should try to learn about the world.'"

Hmmm...sounds like bloggers would do well to heed that advice, too.


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