Monday, May 01, 2006

Naomi, You're Going Down

I stumbled upon this this weekend. And here I thought I had to have five extra inches of height, a C cup, an abusive boyfriend, an eating disorder, anger management issues, and a raging coke habit to be a model. Turns out, all the tools I need are at my local beauty supply store! Well, that and a healthy dose of PMA -- that's Positive Mental Attitude, silly!

Favorite quote from the article: "Remember that every moment is a potential pose!" I'm so totally going to perfect my poses and name them, just like Derek Zoolander: Avoiding Sitting by the Drunk Sleeping Guy on the Train, Fumbling for My Keys Outside My Apartment Building, and Waking Up for Work After a Rough Thursday Night Involving Jagermeister at the Magician are just a few that I plan to unveil in '07.


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