Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Predictions Come True: You Hear Me, Kaavya

Oh, yes. Now it appears everything I predicted is coming true: The Kaavya Viswanathan saga is getting even more interesting. According to a source who informed the New York Times, Viswanathan has not only stolen passages from Megan McCafferty's novels, she's also "borrowed" from hit author Sophie Kinsella. AND it seems that even The Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot isn't safe from Viswanathan's heavy (plagiarizing) hand.

And P.S.: Little, Brown wisely canceled Viswanathan's two-book deal. Have I mentioned Little, Brown gets big props for standing up in the face of blatant dishonesty? Okay, again: Little, Brown, I salute you.

But all of this got me thinking: If I could get a book deal solely based on stealing from authors I admire (I have to give a nod to the Dallas Morning News's idea to do this already), I would totally pick the following:

Contemporary Romance:
Susan Elizabeth Phillips (natch)
Julia London
Rachel Gibson (thrown in for sassy flavor)
Jennifer Crusie
Michelle Rowen (love her! keep writing, girl)

Chick Lit:
Jennifer Weiner (natch)
Helen Fielding (natch)
Sophie Kinsella (idea already taken by Viswanathan)
Meg Cabot (thrown in for sassy flavor/idea already taken by Viswanathan)
Michelle Cunnah

I could go on. Have suggs? Put them in the comments section, and keep on writing your own stuff, darlings.


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