Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two Tiny Amusements

In a break from my usual rants as of late (I blame red wine -- a convenient scapegoat if you ever need one), I wanted to share two things that were a nice distraction from my normal day of work, gym, takeout, computer:

1. I saw a short, stocky blond woman walking down the street in a white pantsuit and black bra -- with no top. Yep, just like the Braless Wonder from "Seinfeld." Now, I realize "Seinfeld" did have some element of New York realism to it, but this? And, yes, I made sure to take a good, long look just to make sure a button on her blouse hadn't come undone. Nope. No shirt. Just a black Wonderbra.

2. I found this Birthday Calculator via Lifehacker. It really is worth a five-minute detour from your usual websites, if only to find out what your "birth tree" is. I'm a Cypress, and apparently that means I'm strong. (Natch.) That's a useless fact that's good to know.


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