Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poor? Get Cozy with Your Neighbor.

This Times article, about young professionals living in glorified NYC dorms, occupies a soft spot in my heart today. Because what better way than this story to illustrate the housing disparity in this city?

I especially love this quote by 29-year-old Wil Fenn, whom I want to cyber-make out with because I agree with him so much:

"Everyone talks about free-market solutions," he said, speaking of the city'’s shortage of lower-priced housing. "“But the solution now is the rich get richer and for everyone else it'’s the equivalent of being a sharecropper in the city. I'’ve been working five or six years now, trying to save up and buy something. Every time I get closer, the goal moves farther away."

Could righteous frustration be voiced any better than that? I think not. (Well, except for the farther/further grammar problem, but let's not split hairs.) That said, what are the solutions to the problem? Nothing. Oh, wait: More huge, expensive high-rises in previously ungentrified parts of the city for the rich and dorm rooms for young hard-working adults. Perfect.


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