Thursday, July 20, 2006

This Just In: Summer Is Hot

In college, some of our fellow students would moonlight at one of the area TV stations as reporters and anchors to gain working-world experience. So, on any given day, it wouldn't be unusual to turn on the television see a 20-year-old giving you an update on the dire campus parking situation or the cleanup details after a storm knocked down some power lines.

Naturally, my friends and I mocked these people to no end.

One cold winter evening, some fresh-faced fratboy type in an ill-fitting suit had some news to break: It was COLD outside. In fact, he continued, it was so cold that he was going to attempt to freeze an egg on the sidewalk. (This was live television, mind you.) As we watched this, my six or so friends and I rolled on the floor laughing. They continued to monitor the egg's progress throughout the broadcast (I am not making this up) until we finally learned the truth: It was NOT, in fact, cold enough to actually freeze an egg, but the sides of the egg looked pretty stiff. There are no words to describe the long, loud bouts of cackling that went on in my apartment during this entire newscast.

That's why I loved this article, from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Thank God a weather-wise journalist is finally telling it like it is.


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