Friday, September 08, 2006

Poor New Yorkers: They're Just Like Us!

I am seriously considering buying these $20 earrings because I saw them in Us Weekly* and liked them so much. I can't decide if that makes me way lame or a normal American woman.** Considering I absolutely despise clothes shopping and feel that damn near everything in this city costs too much, I think it's okay to drop a Jackson on some crap every now and again.

*Yes, I read Us Weekly. (The Hot Stuff section, at least. A girl's gotta know who's doing who.) But I have a subscription to Esquire as well. Balance is key.

**I also have a replica Britney Spears engagement ring, but that was for my 2004 Halloween costume, and the fake bling went nicely with my trucker hat, kabballah string, and bag of Cheetos, so that's excusable. I don't wear it around the house or anything. It's honestly too ugly to wear even in the privacy of one's own home.


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