Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Triumph, As Defined by My Workplace

The following is a transcript of something that actually happened at my office today:

Mike (a 40-something colleague of mine who's well spoken and wears glasses): [Setting a file down on my desk]: "This is for you."

Me: "Qu'est-ce que?"

Mike: [Smiles] "Are you practicing your French?"

Me: "Yeah, from, like, 10 years ago."

Mike: [With a faraway look in his eyes] "I ordered a cherry tart in French once. And I was answered in French. I was happy that I was answered in French. Because I thought that must mean they understood me. But then -- then -- I was brought a cherry tart. They had understood me. When they answered me, they hadn't just been saying, 'Go to hell' in French. When they brought me the tart, it was then... It was then I knew I had succeeded."

Mike paused and looked at me, and tears were already welling in my eyes I was laughing so hard. At the seriousness of it. At the truth of it. At the fact we were discussing a cherry tart with such reverence at 9 in the evening, still at the office.

Loved it.


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