Friday, September 01, 2006

So, There Is No God. At Least Not in Trumpworld.

Trump tells Carolyn: "You're Fired!"

At times, the only reason I watched Trump's second-rate program was to see Carolyn, pristine and poised, the only representative of a powerful woman on the show. (Take a peek in the backlogs of the show and notice that Trump was all too eager to fire/demean the ladies in favor of the men.)

As a mini-tribute to Carolyn, whom I found to be quite inspiring over the past two years or so, I want to share something: On one "Apprentice" task (does it really matter what the task was? Weren't they all essentially the same?), a group member complained about what a crappy team of ninnies he had to manage. In response, Carolyn said something like this, which I remember almost every day:

"Then fix it! I don't want to hear what a horrible team you have. Fix it!"

So now, even if it's just figuring out how I'm going to find time to pick up my freaking dry-cleaning, I remember what she said: Just effing FIX IT. It's not rocket science; it's everyday life. And your lot is most likely no harder than the person's sitting next to you on the train. (In fact, it's probably easier.)

"Fix it."

Thanks, Carolyn. And even though you probably don't need it, best of luck to you.


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