Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer of Sam

Every summer, I get obsessed with a food product, usually something summer-specific, like peaches. When I'm in a food phase, I prefer foods that incorporate that flavor above all other foods. Peach cobbler. Peach pie. Peach martini. Frozen peaches. Canned peaches. Peach jam. Peach sorbet. Deeeelish.

I'm done with fruit, though. This summer is going to be my Summer of Sam Adams Summer Ale. I'm not trying to shill for the company (though if you're listening, publicists, I could totally use a free case), but I had a draught of it at a bar for the first time on Monday, and then again from the bottle at a rooftop barbecue I went to, and it was nice -- a refreshing blend of wheat and citrus. Though I prefer Boulevard when it comes to my wheat beers, or Hoegaarden if I'm not in the Midwest, I'll take Sam Summer Ale any day of the week. Or every day of the week. Because in the summer, who's counting?

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Blogger Baron von Douchehausen said...

Have you tried the Black Lager from Sam? Not bad for a mass-produced beer.

(Also, I hope you say "Who-garden" when you order a "Hoegarden". You do pronounce it correctly, even if the bartender is clueless, right?)

4:40 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

Hi Jane,

You know I like your style, I think that it would loads of fun to party with you, I feel the very same way when I'm in a food phase, I prefer foods that incorporate that flavor above all other foods. Peach cobbler, Peach pie, Peach martini, Frozen peaches, Canned peaches, Peach jam, and Peach sorbet are all favorites of mine too.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Bond said...


An ice cold Summer Ale is definitely a choice I agree with...

I tend to stay with Molsen's - The Canadian or the ICE...but Summer Ale is always on the menu if I see it...

10:23 PM  
Blogger NewbietoNYC said...

Of COURSE I pronounce it correctly. What sort of beer drinker would I be if I didn't? And Phil: Perhaps we'll party together yet.

1:41 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

Hi Jane,

Regarding your post Test

You wrote:Tell me I can make it go away.

My friend, I wish that I could tell you that but I wouldn't be telling you the truth if I did so I will just say that I am always hoping for the very best for you. I don't know what else to say Jane except that you are always in my heart with loving caring concerns and I always hope for the very best for you.

We live with our choices, this is inherent with all of us, I believe that we may not know the purpose for this but I personally try to think of these things that are unknown to us at that stage of our lives as a learning experience.

I am sorry I can't offer you any more detailed answers than that, you always have me for a friend this much is for sure.

There just seems to be no easy answer to these questions some of which I have often pondered myself.

So far All I can say is that we stumble and pick our selves back up , we grow, we learn, and we just keep on going. It's kind of like that old phrase "Keep on Keeping on. Meaning that there is no turning back, we do our best and that is all we can be expected to do.

5:20 AM  

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