Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Best Spam Title Ever

An e-mail with this subject line arrived in my spam folder today:

Take just a candy and become ready for 36 hours of love

Now that is some creative spam e-mail writing. I have to admit I've really enjoyed seeing spammers' tactics evolve over the past few years or so. Remember when you used to get spam from people with names that could in no way exist in this universe, like, "Ryken Hamburger" or "Johnny Johnsoning" or something? Now, my spam comes from normal-sounding, trust-inducing people like "Joanne" or "Maggie Moon," and instead of subject lines like, "xyzsyss pharm drugsxysys," the titles have become much more tricky and plausible, like "Re: Your Request" or "Hello."

I know I shouldn't root for the bad guys, but the above title pushing a link to what the e-mail says is discount crates of Cialis Soft Tabs sort of warmed my heart.


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