Monday, August 07, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Time to Get Angry

If you read nothing else today (heck, this week), please read this L.A. Times story by reporter Claire Hoffman about Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.

I'm going to warn you: It will make you sick to your stomach. Beyond what's expected (the usual benign chest-flashing by drunken sorority girls, etc.), the article reports that Francis has a history of assaulting women -- verbally, sexually, and physically. He also coerces underage girls to perform for the camera and touch him.

But I hope reading this article will make you take action. If you're at all appalled by what's going on, please forward this to everyone you know and speak out about him and what he's doing to women in America. I cannot stand by while this man, his crew, and especially his lawyer make millions of dollars off of violence against women.

If any of you has any additional resources or information about other efforts to bring this man and his empire down, please e-mail me or post to the comments section.


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