Monday, September 25, 2006

Senseless and Backward

It's no Nick Carter calling off an engagement, popular U.S. media, but this happened today, and it made me profoundly sad: Gunmen Kill Afghan Official Who Backed Women's Rights.

Two masked men. They couldn't even show their faces when they killed her. It's cowardice in the face of something so progressive and so positive.

Safia Amajan was 65 years old. Sixty-five. Think about how much more difficult it must be for someone of that age to go from place to place than for most of us who are reading this right now. But she was in there -- right in the thick of where women need help most. She was a woman of God who refused to play it safe: "If it's God's will, they will take me anywhere." She was talking about her own death.

I am going to say a prayer for her family tonight and ask for a gift of anything resembling her resolve and dedication.


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