Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kaavya Keeps it Koming

I always enjoy a new Kaavya Viswanathan update (see my previous rants here): In the wake of her Plagiarism Spectacular, Viswanathan has joined a Kenyan AIDS crusade of sorts (backstory here), which is fabulous and fine and all, but I think that Viswanathan needs to familiarize herself with a term called "oversaturation."

Kaavya, sweetie? Let's have a chick-to-chick talk here: You had the opportunity to publish a book -- something that every red-blooded American citizen has fantasized about at some point in his or her life -- and you blew it. Big time. You made a mockery of book publishing, chick lit (if further possible), and yourself. Now is the time to go away. You are not a Hollywood celebrity. No one cares what cause you're supporting. You're not Reese Witherspoon; you don't need a sympathy vote. You're not Tom Cruise; you don't need to start making yourself appear "normal." When I watch this video, I don't think, "What a sweet, well-meaning girl." I think to myself, "Someone spoke to an image consultant."

In fact, your image-serving-yet-awareness-raising documentary makes me think of a concert I saw once.

Yes, it's coming to me now. Almost got it...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell, even I fantasice about publishing a book, and I'm not even american.
I don't know who this woman is, but she sounds like someone ought to slap her until she either cries or bleeds or something...

8:55 AM  

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