Thursday, November 02, 2006


Clearly, I was late to the party on hearing the word "skintern," seeing as the news media caught on months ago, yet it was foreign to me until this week. The term, so I hear, was coined this past summer Washington, D.C. The Urban Dictionary defines it as "an overly underdressed intern."

I love the word because, come on, we've ALL seen them -- seemingly unaware that their boobs/thong/bra straps are hanging out for the office to see. Or are they really that oblivious...? (At the same time, though, I have to admit it's a pretty misogynistic word. No young men are ever going to be accused of being skinterns, and isn't giving scantily clad young women a funny nickname because of something they wear sort of backing up the whole, "Well, she dresses like a whore, so she must be a whore/incompetent/stupid" argument? But I digress. Plus, anyone entering a corporate environment should know that miniskirts and wifebeaters do not qualify as office attire.)

The Boyf actually introduced me to the term Wednesday evening as we were watching "30 Rock" (my new favorite show). I was cackling out loud as they showed a montage of the lithe, blond intern in outfits of descending appropriateness, right down to my personal favorite ensemble: boy-brief underwear and a poncho. When Tina Fey finally decides to talk to her about it, telling her she'll never succeed in the industry if she's not taken seriously, the Skintern delivers the best quote ever (and pardon me if I don't have this down to the letter): "Oh, I don't want to succeed in the industry. I want to marry rich and design handbags."

Okay, now I was officially rolling on the floor laughing.

I now wonder what each skintern I've ever seen is up to. I wonder if her thong is still peeking out of the top of her tight capri pants or if she's traded that look for a more "velour Juicy jumpsuit and giant diamond engagement ring" kind of style. Either way, I'll bet she's happy. If you can strut around wearing nothing and not realize your office is mocking you, you can sure as hell ignore the fact that your kids are your whole life, your husband is cheating on you, and you'll never look as good as you did at age 22.


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