Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I had lunch with a former coworker of mine today. We were talking about relationships and marriage, and he, a happily married man, related this story to me:

He was at a wedding not long ago, and a young twentysomething woman came up to him and said, "Nice tie."

"I realized," he told me, "that she was hitting on me. I mean, honestly, a woman saying to a man, 'Nice tie,' can't be anything but a pickup line. It's like saying 'Nice ass' or 'Nice package.'"

After I stopped laughing loudly at that nugget of wisdom, I mentally jotted this down in my imaginary self-help book, Jane's Guide to Picking Up Dudes:

#78: Tell him, "Nice tie."

That, coupled with a slight smile, oughta do it.

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