Friday, March 09, 2007

Nectar of the Gods

Holy. Lord. I have found the Platonic ideal of chocolate candy.

If you had described these chocolates to me before I took a bite, I wouldn't have believed they could be quite so delicious. If you had told me, "Hey, take a bite of this chocolate-covered sugary cube that has the consistency of a Styrofoam peanut," I might have said, "I'll pass!"

But trust me: The Sponge Candy from Fowler's, a company based in Buffalo, NY, is the best thing since ice water. No -- since cell phones. No -- since James Spader.

Imagine the most delectable caramel in the world, woven into silken threads by Rumpelstiltskin, shaped into a cube by Hephaestus, and then dipped into a creamy milk chocolate that only exists in Willy Wonka's REM-stage sleep. I had the milk chocolate kind today, and it was literally all I could think about for a good portion of the afternoon.

I almost wish I were a gentleman caller with a lady to woo just so I could present someone with these candies in their elegant silver box. Click here to buy some. I exhort you: It will be $16.99 well spent.

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Anonymous Nick said...

Ahhh!! Isn't it the BEST?? Buffalo is the capital of sponge candy, I swear! My grandmother lives in Buffalo and sends it to me all the time!

5:04 PM  
Blogger NewbietoNYC said...

I know, right?!

2:34 PM  

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