Sunday, March 11, 2007

How Now, Wow Vows?

I'm not one of those women who voraciously and/or wishfully reads the New York Times' Vows section. I haven't been planning my future wedding since age 5 (or at all), and I sort of hate canned, drippy tales of pursuit and subsequent romance -- you just know they're sugar-coating certain parts or conveniently leaving out the alcohol-consumption levels.

Confession time: I do skim the Vows, but I skip over the engagement particulars and instead look for what kinds of jobs the brides-to-be have and by what age they've achieved such things. It serves as a barometer of sorts for my career. Usually they beat me out (lawyer) but sometimes they don't (grad student who probably will not work after she's married). It's ridiculous to play that game, especially considering most of the couples featured are Ivy League grads with deep pockets, which I decidedly am not, but keeping tabs on everyone else is fun and New York-y, what with our competitive streaks and all. (Speaking of Vows, Gawker's new-ish Altarcations feature is pretty funny.)

Today, though, in the midst of my career comparisons, I read something I found lovely. The Levine-Alswang courtship tale in today's paper seemed refreshingly honest, especially from the groom's side. I loved this quote:

“I never met anybody that could be a female version of me,” he said. “She’s a tiny little thing but she’s rough and tough and she shoots guns.” He added, “When we go somewhere, I wish I looked better because I find her so beautiful.”

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