Tuesday, April 24, 2007

He Can Train Me Anytime...

Fantastic episode of Work Out tonight. I am obsessed with the show, and not just because I tend to enjoy most lesbian entertainment. And I'm straight. I know, it doesn't add up.

I was ready to write the show off after last week's lame-o group therapy session and the narrow focus on Jackie's new "relationship" with "lesbian" trainer Rebecca (who is so totally a straight girl -- and really childish and annoying to boot, but she's beautiful, so I understand why Jackie would give her a whirl).

But this week's show was fantastic for two reasons:

1. SkyLab client Meghan is a writer at Star magazine, and when her trainer started calling her out for missing workouts and being less than dedicated to her health, she had a nervous breakdown right there on the treadmill. I was completely in Meghan's corner on this one. She works at Star magazine, for God's sake! Her boss is Bonnie Fuller! She's probably lucky to get time to use the bathroom at her job, let alone fit in workouts. I'm surprised she was cleared to do this reality show, unless it's viewed as some sort of a cross-promotional deal between Star and Bravo. Who knows.

2. I have a new television boyfriend, and that person is trainer Peeler. (Yes, as in apple. Or potato.) I don't know much about him other than that he has a syrupy Southern accent, and the way he used positive coaching to get his client through his workout today made my heart melt. I scrolled through some of his blog online (yes, I am that dorky), and although I don't want many, oh, facts to spoil my adoration at this point, I did read that he has a great work ethic and Southern values, and, guys, that's about all you need to earn solid standing in my fantasy sex life. (Along with a nice dose of provocative masculinity, of course.) Here's a pic of him for the ladies. (That's him sitting down, but the other guy isn't half bad, either. Yum.):

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